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June 8, 2012 / mintcustard

Lahore Karahi Tooting

One of the perks of living at the far southern end of the Northern line,and believe me there has to be some, is that you are within striking distance of the Lahore Karahi in Tooting.  As a lover of curries, kebabs and especially fresh breads I know I am going to come away happy from this establishment.  If you want or expect fine dining this absolutely isn’t it. They have a counter for take away food and then cafe style tables for everyone else. There are no tablecloths and the service can be a little erratic but remember this is Tooting and all life will pass by your window if you are there for a while. Sit back and relax.

Mango lassis, fresh naans and flaky rotis helped up to sop up our chicken saag, jalfrezi and butter chicken on a recent visit but for me the star of our visit was the masala fish. Cooked to perfection, not overly spiced just enhanced by the saucing I could eat this daily if I had to. The next time you venture to South London and pass along the A217 stop and pop in. It isn’t Benares or Zaika but it is probably much more authentic than most curries you will find elsewhere on your local high street, unless of course it happen to be Tooting High Street!

1 Tooting High Street, Tooting, London SW17 0SN


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