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July 24, 2017 / mintcustard

Milk and chocolate knotted breakfast bread.


Milk and chocolate knotted breakfast bread.

Baking bread is a sure fire way to get me to my happy place. Add into that a plait or a knot and I’m there even faster. Many people have a set routine for breakfast. Same drink,  same food at the same time. Not me, I like to ring the changes. Which is why, this morning I made a loaf of milk and chocolate knotted breakfast bread. Sweet but not too sweet milk bread twists around a deep cocoa enriched dough to liven up your morning. Ideal for a weekend treat.

Combining a chocolate dough with an enriched milk bread, this bread is delicious buttered, toasted, made into french toast or simply nibbled with a cup of coffee.


Using a half mixture from this recipe from My bread and brot I then knotted the bread in a four strand knot.  I egg washed the loaf before baking. The loaf was baked at 190C for 40 minutes.


Baked and ready to slice.

Tastes delicious and looks pretty too. The next project I have is making my own butter. Any helpful suggestions or hints?


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