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December 18, 2016 / mintcustard

Gingerbread iced gems.


Gingerbread festive iced gems.

Iced gems have been a staple for parties and lunch boxes ever since I was tiny and I have managed to pass a love of them onto my girls too. I have never bothered to make them myself before because a bag of them from the shops is faster to open than making the biscuit bases and doing the icing. However a little leftover gingerbread dough from some biscuit making got me thinking. What if Iced gems came in festive flavours and colours? Well they don’t, but that doesn’t mean to say they couldn’t.

Now they do! Please look back at this recipe to give you the quantities for the gingerbread and the instructions.

I rolled out the gingerbread so it was about as thick as a pound coin. I used a screw top bottle lid to cut out the circles. I placed them on baking parchment and baked them for 10 minutes until crisp and golden.


Royal icing is essential for the tops to iced gems.You could make your own or you could use a royal icing mix. Make up the royal icing and using a star tip pipe a blob onto each biscuit. Allow the gems to sit for at least two hours before eating. You can colour the icing if you wish.



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