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February 8, 2015 / mintcustard

Red velvet love heart brownies.

Red velvet love heart brownies.

Red velvet love heart brownies.

It must be almost Valentines Day as the red velvet tide seems to be sweeping across the baking world once more. In the past I’ve made a hidden heart cake for my valentine. A big sparkly plate of shortbread appeared too. This year I’ve jumped aboard the bandwagon so it’s red velvet love heart brownies. Inspired by a beautiful tin of mini love hearts these were born.


Brownies are one of those recipes that so many people already do brilliantly so I used this Red Velvet Brownie Recipe. All I did was add the love hearts!

If you can get one of these beautiful tins of mini love hearts then do. I bought mine for about 2.50 in Waitrose. I used a mixture of mini love hearts and regular sized ones. I’ll be treasuring this tin too.

These brownies would be fantastic with a scoop of creme fraishe as a valentine dessert, but equally great shared with best friends over coffee.

Brownies with love hearts.

Brownies with love hearts.

Make the brownies as in the recipe. Five minutes before the end of cooking time press the love hearts randomly over the surface of the brownie. Some will sink in and others will be partly submerged.

Brownies, close up!

Brownies, close up!


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