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May 7, 2017 / mintcustard

Yo! Boxpark Croydon

I love Croydon. Love it. Not really something you would expect many people to admit to, but times are changing. It would be fair to say that over the years Croydon has had a pretty bad press. It would also be fair to say that some of the bad press was justified.

With the Fairfield Halls and the Whitgift Centre it always was a useful urban hub. From the Purley Way, during a sunny summer sunset, the hazy view of Croydon could be compared with that of Manhatten.

Croydon is hyper connected too. You can be in central London in 14 minutes and the south coast in under 40! Gatwick Airport is a mere quarter of an hour away and West Croydon’s “ginger line” connects the town to every bustling square inch of south east London – from Peckham to Shoreditch.

However, in recent years, further changes have begun to happen. First there were the trams, then came the regeneration of the run down blocks of flats and disused office blocks into luxury living spaces. After that BOXPARK arrived. Nestled beside East Croydon train station (so you can visit here without actually going into Croydon itself!) this version is entirely given over to food and beverage outlets. Using the excuse of having to collect someone from the station we popped in last Sunday for a bite to eat. There are so many choices it may take you a while to make up your mind. I’d already decided to visit the Yo! Street Food pop up, as I love Japanese food and wanted to give their new menu a try. Others in our little group chose Sri Lankan food and Mexican dishes so all bases are covered.


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All really rather delicious and quite different. I loved the sticky and melt in the mouth pork buns, the sushi was amazing and the edamame beans are salty, spicy and fun to eat.

I urge you to go, visit Croydon and spend some time dispelling the myths that surround this much maligned town. Pop along to Surrey Street market with an empty bag and come away with fruit, veg and flavours from around the world, drink craft beer from the Cronx brewery or spend time in Matthews Yard with a coffee and the papers. Croydon will surprise you, put aside your prejudices and visit. Soon.

Next it will be Comedy clubs, coffee shops and curated spaces , ah wait…… that’s already happening!


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