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March 18, 2017 / mintcustard

Pintxos, palaces and puddles – day 2 in Madrid.


Despite the fact that my feet were screaming at me, having walked miles the day before, I pulled on my boots and set off for a second day of exploration in Madrid.

First I needed breakfast. It appeared that the cafes and even McDonalds didn’t open their doors until 10! Thank goodness for Starbucks. One cappuccino and croissant later, I was ready to go.

First stop, in between the showers, was a walk in Retiro Park to find the Crystal Palace hidden at it’s heart. On a sunny day I can imagine the park packed with families enjoying a Sunday stroll. To be fair, on a damp and drizzle day there were many people, walking, cycling and scooting around. Stalls cropped up along the pathways selling bags of snacks, drinks and candy floss. I settled for a coffee in an attempt to defrost!

One surprise inside the Crystal Palace was a sound installation. The person who thought that playing the sounds of Polar ice cracking and moving would be a good idea inside a glass structure knows how to make your mind play tricks on you. Having beaten a hasty retreat from the Crystal Palace a quick trip into the city followed to see the Palacio Real. Closed for an event, I walked back into the centre for more churros and chocolate. I had a wander round the food hall of El Corte Ingles. I do wish I had access to this variety of foods on my doorstep. So much food, such little luggage space.

The evening was spent in the company of beer, tapas and pintxos. The difference between the two? Tapas come in small portions, pintxos are little tastes on pieces of bread, all held together with a cocktail stick.  Doesn’t matter what they are called , they are delicious. Great for anyone who can’t decide what to have on a menu, mix and match.

There was so much I didn’t get to see, or eat, in Madrid. Despite getting stuck in a museum lift and speaking so little Spanish that I had to YouTube how to use the Metro ticket machines I had so much fun I’m certainly going back.


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