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March 4, 2017 / mintcustard

Croque Monsieur pancakes with Candice Brown and Sainsburys.

Making Croque Monsieur pancakes with Candice Brown.

Making Croque Monsieur pancakes with Candice Brown.

I’m not the kind of woman to turn down a pancake. Crisp, thin crepes with lemon and sugar? That would be lovely.  A fluffy American stack topped with bacon and maple syrup? No question. A Croque Monsieur pancake cooked by GBBO winner Candice Brown? Hell yes!

This Shrove Tuesday (Pancake day) I was invited along with a number of other bloggers to Food at 52 in London and we made brunch together.

The recipe!

The recipe!

Candice showed us all how to make her delicious Croque Monsieur pancakes. Some of us had more experience of pancake making than others but we all had a great deal of fun. Savoury pancakes wouldn’t have been my first choice but Candice’s recipe has completely won me over. I have a crepe pan I use whenever I make pancakes (which is often!) but the cast iron pan we used at the event was so good. You do need to be brave and allow it to get hot before you pour on the batter. Leave the batter completely alone until the batter sets and bubbles THEN turn the pancake with either a spatula or a palette knife.

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The secret to this delicious dish is, in my humble opinion, the quantity of cheese and the mustard in the bechamel. You may want to pop into your local Sainsburys and take a look at their new homeware range. Much of the cookware we used was taken from the range and very pretty it is too.

Thank you to Sainburys for inviting me to this event. I had a great time and was still full at dinner time that evening!I was not paid to attend the event or write a blog post


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