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August 26, 2016 / mintcustard

Barbecuing with Branston, no it really isn’t just for sandwiches!


Tex-Mex chicken tacos - Branston pickle in the marinade.

Tex-Mex chicken tacos – Branston pickle in the marinade.


Say Branston to most people brought up in the UK and their first thoughts may well include cheese and pickle sandwiches or a dollop on the side of a Ploughman’s lunch. Give me either of those and I’d be extraordinarily happy. A trip to The London Barbecue School on Monday, however, showed me there was more to that jar of dark brown chunky deliciousness than simply a way to pimp a cheese toastie.


Following a day wandering around London buying bits and pieces for the Student to take to University we were both ready to find out more.

The London Barbecue School is set under the arches of Peckham Rye station. On a warm sultry evening, when the lights began to twinkle, it was quite magical. The food made with Branston was delicious and surprising too.

We began by making the Tex-Mex chicken tacos. Using the small chunk Branston pickle as an ingredient, it dawned on the student and I that this chicken tacos recipe was a simple, inexpensive and tasty way for Freshers to feed themselves. Most will have a jar of pickle lurking somewhere and what better way to ensure none gets left in the jar. We also thought you could make the meat filling and then use little gem leaves as a wrap. So your 5 a day doesn’t have to rely on you having a kebab on the way back to Halls!

Next up we cooked steaks and brushed them with the glaze take from this Beer braised brisket recipe. Served with the smoky chipotle and tomato relish it went down a storm. The coleslaw recipe here  is just amazing too.

Finally, we cooked the Sticky pork chops, the recipe calls for baking in the oven, but as we had super duper barbecues that could act as both an oven or a grill we were able to continue cooking over charcoal. Branston sweet chilli relish was used to add heat and sweetness to the marinade. Again, a real lesson for the Student. Marinades add flavour and can tenderise meats before cooking, making those less expensive cuts of meat so tender and delicious.


What happens when you really fancy cooking a burger and your friend drops the V word. Vegetarian….. The grilled Portabella mushroom burger may well be an answer. With all the usual accompaniments to a burger, including the Branston caramelised red onion relish, this recipe keeps everyone happy.

I was asked to attend the Branston BBQ event at the London Barbecue School. I was not paid to attend nor was I asked to write a positive review. The photographs are either my own or by Kaye at I’m sure you can tell which are which!

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