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August 10, 2016 / mintcustard

Juicy lucy meatballs.


Juicy lucy meatballs.

Mention the word meatballs and this song pops straight into my head.

On top of spaghetti, All covered with cheese,
I lost my poor meatball, When somebody sneezed.

It rolled off the table, And on to the floor,
And then my poor meatball, Rolled out of the door.

It rolled in the garden, And under a bush,
And then my poor meatball, Was nothing but mush.

The mush was as tasty As tasty could be,
And then the next summer, It grew into a tree.

The tree was all covered, All covered with moss,
And on it grew meatballs, And tomato sauce.

So if you eat spaghetti, All covered with cheese,
Hold on to your meatball, Whenever you sneeze.

These Juicy Lucy meatballs aren’t covered in cheese, just filled with it. Melty, oozy mozzarella to be precise. If you’d prefer blue cheese, cheddar cheese or no cheese that’s fine. Just make these delicious meatballs for supper and try your hardest not to sneeze!


Ingredients – Juicy Lucy meatballs (make 12 meatballs)

500g minced beef

1 clove of garlic grated

1 chicken stock cube grated

pinch chilli flakes

1 tbsp fresh chopped parsley

12  x 2cm cubes of hard (grating) mozzarella

a grind or two of black pepper

680g jar of passata

How to…..

  • Preheat the oven to 190 c
  • Place all the ingredients, except the tomato passata and cheese, into a large bowl.
  • Mix together until well combined.
  • Divide into 12 equal sized meatballs.
  • Take a cube of cheese and press into the centre of the meatball. Close the edges of the meat around the cheese and roll to regain the spherical shape. Repeat for each meatball.
  • Place the meatballs into a gratin dish or similar. Pour over the passata. Add a splash of water to the jar to rinse out any remaining tomato and to thin the passata a little. Pour over the meatballs.
  • Place in the dish into the oven and bake for 25 minutes.
  • Leave to cool for 5 minutes and serve with spaghetti and perhaps a grating of cheese if you wish.




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