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August 8, 2016 / mintcustard

Pasta mista – a fun and frugal way to reduce food waste.

The Italians are masters of the art of  frugality. They can produce the most amazing dishes from a handful of pasta, a few tomatoes and a parmesan rind. Nothing is thrown away if it can be used in some way. Which brings me to Pasta mista, I always bring a bag back from Italy. A motley collection of different types of dried pasta. When they were younger the girls loved the different shapes they would get in one bag.

pasta mista

How many shapes can you see in this pasta mista?

Can’t get it here so I’ve decided to get a jar and create my own. All the ends of bags of pasta collected together. Snap large pieces down so the pasta is a similar size and cooks at the same rate. Fun and prevents food waste. What do you think? If it’s good enough for the major pasta producers in Italy, why not try to make your own.

Pasta Mista


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