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July 31, 2016 / mintcustard

Hidden cheese burgers (and the homemade buns!)


I often make burgers and I often make buns. Surprisingly I have never made them at the same time, for the meal. Until yesterday that is. We had hidden cheese burgers – the cheese goes into the centre of the burger – and slightly sweet sesame seeded buns. A little bonus was that the remaining enriched dough got turned into half a dozen iced buns. This is the recipe that keeps on giving!


Homemade enriched sesame seed burger buns.

The sweetness of a good brioche bun is something my family love with their burgers.I have made brioche in the past but really, for a Saturday tea they are just a little too much effort. A simple enriched dough should work just as well I thought. I was right I think. See how you feel. I used the iced buns recipe from Delicious magazine, although I used 17g of fresh yeast rather than 7g dried yeast. I also split the dough in two. One half was turned into iced buns and the other was split into six rolls, topped with an egg wash and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Simple yet effective.


Place the cheese chunk in the centre and close up the burger.

The burgers are just as easy.

Hidden cheese burgers – makes 6

750g minced beef

salt, pepper, dried chilli flakes

1 small ball of mozzarella cut into 6 chunks or 6 chunks of your favourite cheese.

How to …

  • Season the mince with the salt, pepper and dried chilli flakes (if you’d like to).
  • Measure out 6 x 150g portions and form into patties.
  • Make a well in each patty and place in the cheese. Close the mince around the cheese and ensure the seal is tight.
  • Griddle or barbecue on a medium heat until cooked through and the cheese will have melted.This takes between 15 and 20 minutes. Turn regularly.
  • Serve with a warm sesame seeded bun fresh from the oven and fixings of your choice.

Put on the kettle later and treat yourself to an iced bun too!


Iced buns – simple yet delicious.

Tea Time Treats Lavender and Lovage

I have decided to add the iced buns to the Tea time treats linky hosted by Karen at Lavender and Lovage and also co-hosts Manjiri from Travels for Taste and Jo from Jo’s Kitchen! I don’t think I’ve seen a cheeseburger at an afternoon tea yet (never say never but…) Pop over and take a look at the other treats cooked and linked up by bloggers from around the globe.



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