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July 27, 2016 / mintcustard

Celebrate the Rio Olympics and Paralympics by baking some tasty treats.

Olympic snacks and treats.

I have always loved The Olympics, and at London 2012 I fell in love with the Paralympics too. Last time round I was lucky enough to attend the games on several occasions. This time, sadly, I will have to make do with watching on the TV. That means snacks will have to be consumed to keep me going late into the night (Rio is 4 hours behind the UK).

First up, of course, are the Olympic Torch cupcakes for the opening ceremony. Originally created for the day my husband ran in the Torch relay.

Olympic torch cupcake

Fancy a slice of Brazillionaires Shortbread? Sorry about the really awful photo, I’ll be remaking this soon with a much better image. Millionaires shortbread with brazil nuts in the caramel and the colours of the Brazil flag stirred into the white chocolate topping.


Brazilionaires Shortbread

Brazilionaires Shortbread

All the colours of the Olympic flags in one slice of cake. Originally made to celebrate the Sochi Winter Games, and designed to be an Olympic zebra cake. This Sochi cake is fun and tasty too. Sochi cake.


A slice of Sochi cake

A slice of Sochi cake

As well as sweet snacks you are bound to buy a bag or two of salty treats too. What happens to the last few left in the bag or bowl? Tip them in the bin? NO! Make yourself a batch or two of compost cookies. Sweet, salty and utterly delicious.

compost cookies

compost cookies

I will be making more Olympic and Paralympic themed foods as the Olympics progress, keep an eye out and pop back to Mintcustard to see  what I come up with. Sit back and enjoy others working hard and reaping their rewards for all their efforts.



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  1. Susan / Jul 27 2016 12:05 pm

    Great ideas! Love a theme!!😄

  2. Fabi's Recipes- Receitas da Fabi / Jul 27 2016 12:32 pm

    Very nice idea! Love your snacks!

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