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July 3, 2016 / mintcustard

Summer salad.

Summer salad.

Summer salad.

For the most part I heartily agree with Julia Child when it comes to how food looks. “It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.” However I recently discovered the work of Amber Locke. She takes fruit and vegetables and turns them into edible works of art. Not simply salads but soups and raw main courses too. Her instagram is amazing, do take a look. Truly a modern day Archimboldo.

Sainsburys are wanting to inspire the nation to be more creative with their vegetables after seeing a massive upturn in sales of vegetables with Avocado (147%), asparagus spears (118%), broccoli (40%), courgettes (30%) and bunched beetroot (25%) leading the way.

As I’ve been trying very hard to move from #FatToFitter it may just be the way I can keep the salads I eat interesting. I chose the vegetables for my salad on both taste and also on their looks. This one salad has already refreshed my buying habits. We all get stuck in a rut, and to look at ingredients from a different perspective reintroduced me to sprouting seeds and crisp, crunchy radish too.

I took a quick trip around the fruit and vegetables aisle at Sainsburys and picked up a selection of vegetables. Some old favourites and a few new additions. The combinations of flavours I knew would be fine, but balancing the colours, textures and shapes created a salad that was quite new to me. Delicious and pretty. Win : win.

A wide variety of ingredients, just right for my salad.

A wide variety of ingredients, just right for my salad.

There really isn’t a recipe. Pick fruit and vegetables you love, add in a few you haven’t eaten in a while. Take a plate and make it look good.


I was sent a voucher by Sainsburys to cover the costs of the ingredients in this salad. All words and images are my own. I was not asked to create a blog post or write a positive review.

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