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May 9, 2016 / mintcustard

Matcha lassi.


Matcha lassi.

Green is everywhere, smashed onto sourdough, mixed into chocolate mousse and whizzed up into smoothies. But hang on, move over avocados, The next big green thing is matcha. At the London Coffee Festival, despite the festival’s name, matcha was everywhere. I’ve seen matcha in  swiss rolls, macaron, brownies and even added to avocado to raise the bar on guacamole. Whisper it quietly, I believe you can also drink it as a tea! On a recent trip to the USA it appears the same love of matcha is going on over there too.

Matcha starts life in Japan as green tea leaves before being handpicked and stoneground into a fine powder. Matcha is a source of antioxidants  and it is said to boost metabolism, improve skin, fight disease and gives long-lasting energy like coffee (it contains caffeine) but seems to be released in a slower manner.

I was lucky enough to try many matcha drinks at the London Coffee Festival and then saw matcha being ground at a recent visit to Clearspring. When sent some matcha powder to try by Eat Clean Tea, I decided to make a drink that would see me though the warm summer evenings in place of a glass of wine, or endless coffees.


Lassi is made for the summer, cooling and refreshing, the yogurt takes the flavours of herbs and spices well. It can be served sweet or salty, although this lassi is sweetened, if you prefer to leave out the honey then do.

Matcha lassi makes 1 large glass

100g plain yogurt

200 ml milk

4 small spoons of matcha powder

1/4 tsp vanilla powder (a little vanilla extract if no powder)

1 tsp runny honey


How to ……

  • Place all the ingredients in a blender or if using a whisk or aerolatte, in a jug.
  • Whizz up, whisk up or pulse until well combined and with a little froth.
  • Pour over ice, add a straw



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