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May 7, 2016 / mintcustard

Barbecued baby potatoes


Barbecued baby potatoes

Perhaps you, like me, have memories of cooking baked potatoes wrapped in tin foil in the dying embers of a bonfire. If you got it right the potato was fluffy, hotter than the surface of the sun and kept you warm all evening. Get it wrong and the inside was solid, cold and tasted mostly of firelighters BUT it didn’t matter. The fun was in having the bonfire in the first place. It’s probably the reason why I love barbecues now, well that AND the fact I’m greedy. I’m also keen to keep the washing up to a minimum so try to do as many of the vegetables as I can on the grill too. Which is how I came to cook these baby potatoes in a foil pouch on the BBQ. I have a side burner so could boil them in a pan but I really wanted to create a taste that reflected the direct heat without simply sauteing them. Effectively the potatoes steam, roast and braise at the same time. By varying what you add to the pouch, you can add flavours or skew the cooking method in a particular direction.


Fresh off the BBQ, still in the foil.

Barbecued baby potatoes – Ingredients

500g baby salad potatoes

1 tbsp oil (you can add butter if you want)

sea salt and freshly ground pepper

Other flavours – lemon juice, white wine, garlic, dill, whatever you like you can add.


How to….

  • Light the grill.
  • Take a 120 cm piece of foil and fold in half.
  • Fold in half again and crimp the two long sides tightly to form a pocket.
  • Place the potatoes, flavours and oil into the pouch, season and shake.
  • Seal the top edge of the pouch and place on a medium hot grill for 15 to 20 minutes. Use tongs to shake the pouch every 5 minutes or so, ensuring the potatoes steam/ cook evenly rather than catch on just one side.
  • Open the pouch and test a potato with the point of a knife after 15 minutes to see if it is cooked through.
  • Serve with extra butter or cool slightly and stir with spring onions, dill fronds and mayonnaise to make a killer potato salad.

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