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April 11, 2016 / mintcustard

Cherry blossom cocktail


Washington DC cherry blossom

You know spring has sprung when the cherry blossom beings to burst forth on the slender cherry tree boughs all over the northern hemisphere. You might be lucky enough to see the sakura in Japan, the cherry blossom in Washington or simply stumble upon a tree in full bloom as you walk along a street to the train station. Wherever you come across the display it’s bound to lighten your mood and put a spring in your step.

Catching sight of cherry blossom at it’s height in Washington DC this year was astonishing. Not just the beauty of the display, the sheer numbers of people who had ventured out to take in the view was glorious too.

Once back in the UK I decided to try to recreate a little of the joy the cherry blossom brought with a cocktail!


Cherry blossom, Sakura cocktail.

1 measure Bombay sapphire East gin

1 measure morello cherry cordial

3 morello cherries (you could use the cherry syrup instead of getting cherry cordial)

Fever tree mediterranean tonic



How to…

In a cocktail shaker muddle the cherries and the ice together.

Add in the gin and cherry cordial. Shake together and strain into a highball glass.

Top up with tonic, add a little more ice.


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