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March 11, 2016 / mintcustard

A Spring in my step – Sainsbury’s 2016 Spring Summer press event.

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I’m quite possibly one of the greediest people I know. Inviting me to wander around a room packed with new and exciting food products was very brave of Sainsburys, however I can report I only ate what was offered to me and no one was hurt in the crush.

Highlights for me included the FreeFrom iced desserts. Whilst I only tried the chocolate version by using coconut milk they managed to create a silky smooth texture and delicious flavour.

Breads from the in store bakeries were showcased too. Many contain grains other than those traditionally associated with supermarket breads. Spelt, quinoa, wheatgerm and rye all put in an appearance as well as the more familiar such as dark rye and sunflower seed.

There are some interesting innovations in the Larder. Again the focus seems to be on ancient grains, with spelt and buckwheat varieties of pasta being added to the options already available for us to buy. I’m looking forward to being able to buy asafoetida and baharat in small screw top containers rather than large bags from specialist shops. My husband will love the new ancho and chipotle chilli flakes too.

Top of my list of absolute favourites though had to be the twist on familiar vegetables.Having spent much of the last 8 months working hard to revamp my diet from #fattofitter simple changes such as courgetti or butternut noodles have helped greatly. I have yet to try cauliflower rice. I was however introduced to beetroot rice on the evening. Absolutely amazing. As someone who likes to reduce the refined carbs in some meals each week I can see cauliflower and beetroot rice being a serious alternative for me. We were served the beetroot rice with honey smoked mackerel, a surprisingly tasty combination. I also wondered if the beetroot rice and cauliflower rice could also be used as ingredients in some familiar dishes. Watch this space as I have made one sweet dish and there is a savoury dish to follow.

I know that many varieties of fruits and vegetables are available if you shop locally or at Farmer’s markets but sometimes shopping at a large superstore is the quickest and simplest option. Good then to see rainbow chard, heritage tomatoes and better ripening avocados around for us all.

It was great to be invited to peek behind the curtain and see the products destined for Sainsburys stores in the coming weeks and months. Thank you for asking me.


I was not paid to attend this event and have chosen to write a blog post about this event without being asked.





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