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February 17, 2016 / mintcustard

The Antelope Ale and Cider house – Surbiton

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Long, lazy lunchtimes with loved ones are a luxury to be treasured. So often, in a busy family, time is the most precious commodity. A needs to be here, B needs to be there, C has an urgent appointment and D is trying to keep all the balls in the air. When Mike and I had a day free together, unencumbered by the needs of others we decided to go out for lunch. Living on the divide between London and Surrey we had a large area to choose from. A quick google and I found a pub within half an hour of our house that has a micro brewery at the bottom of the garden. You know you’d investigate this too if you could.

The Antelope Ale and Cider House in Surbiton is set in a very suburban south London street. Opposite a school and just along from a Londis shop – an extraordinary pub in a very ordinary setting.

Mike worked his way through a number of halves of beer. Every beer and cider on tap is listed. Some are local (not just the bottom of the garden ones but within a few miles) whilst others are from further away.

The food was decent pub grub. The burger was excellent, my chilli nachos were a little on the tame side. There was hot sauce on the table but I’d expect a chilli to have more of a kick. There are many choices on the menu, from small plates to soak up a pint to full meals to set you up for an evening of tasting.

One wonderful discovery was that the excellent but unobtrusive background music was being played on vinyl.

If you are close to The Antelope and like good beer, good music and good company, I really suggest you pop in for a pint (or two). In fact, catch the bus there and really enjoy yourself.

We visited the pub for lunch, paid for our own meals and drinks and am I writing this review because I feel like it!



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  1. strongassoup / Feb 18 2016 10:56 pm

    I’ve wandered down Maple Road a number of times but for some reason I never get past The French Table. I now see that I’ve got to force myself to take a few more steps and visit the Antelope. Thanks for passing this on.

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