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December 22, 2015 / mintcustard

Making a list, and checking it twice….


Lists. Lists. Lists. My life is full of them. Real lists written on the back of envelopes, virtual lists in my phone and mental lists that always start with “Don’t forget to…”

For several years now I have decided to put my list making at Christmas to good use. Sometimes people think Christmas springs fully formed from a box. Wrapped, iced, basted and with a sprinkle of glitter. Well it most certainly does not! Time for a little corporate responsibility. I write my shopping list, leave it in the kitchen and ask others in the house to add their wishes. This helps greatly. No one complains if the wrong flavour of J2O turns up, or if a particular cheese cracker isn’t bought. The list was there to add to.

If your Christmas is so busy that when it comes to the day itself you are too knackered to enjoy it, share your list with all involved and if something is forgotten then it’s not your fault!


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