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November 8, 2015 / mintcustard

All I want for Xmas – a few food lovers treats.

Pomora chilli oil gave these bloody mary shots a real kick.

Pomora chilli oil gave these bloody mary shots a real kick.

I was incredible pleased to be invited to a Christmas showcase by Nudge PR a couple of weeks ago. We were a small select bunch, and as ever I had huge dose of imposter syndrome. Everyone else in the room seemed younger, had much shinier blogs than mine and probably had almost as many followers on social media as an up and coming boy band, (Oh yes, I checked, tell me you wouldn’t too). I have none of the above, however I am greedy and enthusiastic, so I went along.

I’m so glad I said yes. I was able to spend time learning more about three staple of my diet. Wine. Olive oil. Fine chocolates. See. I could easily live on those foods alone.

I was able to taste some of the finest Italian olive oils with Pomora who also provided canapés. In addition, Pomora hosted a tasting session to showcase the vibrancy and freshness of Pomora’s quality extra virgin olive oil. They also took the time to explain their olive tree adoption programme. As well as the olive oil you also get sent a variety of flavoured oils from your trees. The lemon oil was simply magnificent. Should you need a gift for a friend who loves food, (ahem….)then I suggest you take a look at the Pomora site and see what they have to offer.
All lined up ready to taste.

All lined up ready to taste.

Whilst chatting to fellow bloggers I also enjoyed aglass or two of world-class rosé courtesy of Mirabeau en Provence. Created by Englishman Stephen Cronk who switched the suburbs of south west London for Provence in 2009. Really delicious.
Wine and chocolates.

Wine and chocolates.

Finally I had the chance to chat to Paul A Young. He was on hand showcasing his new festive collection. The renowned flavour alchemist has taken classic Christmas flavours and brought them bang up to date. He sampled his new festive bars. His Persian Christmas bar, white chocolate with pistachio, nutmeg, cinnamon, green cardamom and rose petal is something I do hope Santa puts into my stocking. The milk and dark bars are also worth putting on your list if you’ve been good.  I’d also like a few of his chocolate popcorn baubles to hang on my tree too.
We had the chance to sample the marmite and peanut butter chocolates. I love marmite so the battle was already won, but they are exquisite.  Thank you to Paul for giving me a couple to take home for my daughter – needless to say she was chuffed!
Please Santa!

Please Santa!

I was not paid to attend this event. I have not been asked to write about this event or these products in a positive light. I was invited to attend and did so at my own expense. All photos are my own.


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