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July 29, 2015 / mintcustard

Za’atar spiced pepper and aubergine soup.

Za'atar spiced pepper and aubergine soup.

Za’atar spiced pepper and aubergine soup.

Now, I’m of an age to remember family members spending time on the Cabbage soup diet. No taste, no pleasure and far too much flatulence. There was an amount of weight loss but boredom quickly set in and the lure of a sticky bun often won the dieters over. Za’atar spiced pepper and aubergine soup is different. I’m determined that the soups I make are tasty. These soups are really helping me in my #fattofitter journey but taste and satisfaction are vital too.

Simply roasting the aubergine, peppers and tomatoes with a thin smear of oil and a good dust of the savoury and sour za’atar spice mix really enhances all the flavours. The aubergine gives the soup a silky smoothness too. Roasting makes the dish a little smoky also. Next time I make this I’ll add in a clove of garlic as I roast the vegetables. You can try with or without the garlic. It’s up to you.

I had some lovely homemade jelly like chicken stock which I used as a basis for the soup but a vegetable stock or bouillon would work just fine.

Za’atar spiced pepper and aubergine soup

1 aubergine, halved lengthways

1 pepper, seeded and cored, cut into large chunks

2 tomatoes, halved

1 clove of garlic

500 ml stock

1 tsp olive oil

za’atar spice blend

salt and pepper

Sour cream to serve (optional)

How to…..

  • Preheat the oven to 220c.
  • Place the vegetable pieces onto the baking tray, add the oil. Scatter over a tsp of za’atar and mix well with your hands until the vegetables are well coated.
  • Roast the vegetables for 25 to 30 minutes until softened and a little charred.
  • Allow the vegetables to cool a little, remove the skins and place the vegetables in a large saucepan.
  • Pour over the stock. Bring slowly up to temperature. Using a stick blender blitz until smooth. Taste and season with the salt and pepper.
  • Serve with a spoon of soured cream if you wish and a pinch of za’atar too.




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  1. Something Clean Something Green / Jul 29 2015 4:20 pm

    Yum! Love za’atar

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