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June 25, 2015 / mintcustard

Summer spring rolls Fat to fitter day 2.

Messy summer spring rolls but it is my actual lunch!

Messy summer spring rolls but it is my actual lunch!

I have already mentioned that a teacher’s lunch needs to be portable. Lunches often needs to remain edible until 4pm because that is usually when it finally gets consumed. If you have ever gone into a school staffroom you will see the staff are mostly fuelled by caffeine and cake. This is the habit I’m in. Skip lunch, have a couple of coffees, eat a snack late afternoon and then not really feel like much dinner.

Whilst I’m bored rigid being at home, (I’ve embarked on a mission to read all the Harry Potter books back to back, that is how fed up I am) at least I get to have a proper lunch.

A decent lunch will stop me from snacking too. Lots of vegetables for crunch and texture but I am aware I need some fat and protein too.

This was lunch Day 2. Quorn and vegetable stuffed summer spring rolls. Summer spring rolls are NOT deep fried. Transparent, gossamer thin and seemingly ephemeral rice paper wrappers barely contain the delights within. You can get away without any cooking here if you used ready cooked meats. These are an ideal way to use up sunday lunch leftovers the following day too.



Quorn and vegetable stuffed summer spring rolls. (serves 1)

3 rice paper wrappers, water to rehydrate.

75g quorn chicken pieces, frozen

1 tsp oil

1 tsp curry paste

1 tbsp yogurt


a variety of vegetables cut into julienne. I had peppers, spring onions, carrots, lettuce and cucumber.

mango chutney

Dipping sauce

soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, chopped green chilli and a dash of sesame oil, pepper. Lime if you have it.

How to …..

  • In a frying pan heat the oil and cook off the curry paste, add in the quorn pieces, yogurt and a splash or two of water. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes until cooked through. You may need to add more water if the pan gets very dry.
  • Julienne your vegetables and lay them out.
  • Mix together the dipping sauce ingredients.
  • Fill a dinner plate with water – humour me, this is to rehydrate the wrappers.
  • Lay the wrappers one at a time into the water, make sure both sides get wet. Once pliable place on a plate and fill.
Filling the rolls.

Filling the rolls.

  • I popped a thin smear of mango chutney on, then the vegetables and finally the quorn.
  • Tuck in the ends of the wrapper, dip into the dip and tuck into your lunch.

Wash down with plenty of water and give yourself time to enjoy your meal. if you want to take this to school then use iceberg lettuce leaves to wrap up the filling and take the sauce in a small, resealable pot.


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  1. rachelradiostar / Jun 25 2015 10:41 pm

    Not all the 7 day thingy are compost able! These do look lovely though.

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