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April 5, 2015 / mintcustard

Tennessee barbecue.

Pork, beans and a side of mac and cheese.

Pork, beans and a side of mac and cheese.

Many things surprised me about Nashville. The sheer joy of the place, music on every corner, belting out of bars, guitars strummed in doorways and seeping out from boxes on every street corner. Broadway is the place to go to listen, drink and possibly eat. I say possibly eat because when the chips were down and we needed a quick bite,the chips were no where to be seen. No fast food anywhere. What is a family with teens to do?

Thank goodness, instead of taking the easy way out we cured the jet lag with some barbecue. Hallelujah. Jack’s BBQ on Broadway. The interior was dark, smoky and authentic. The service was cafeteria style. Look at the menu, who wouldn’t want to order a pint of baked beans or  half a pint of mac and cheese? The salad du jour was a simple but delicious cucumber in a dill vinegrette! We had pulled pork and also some brisket. It was declared the best ever, and believe me we have sampled as much bbq in the US as possible. The BBQ sauces I will try to recreate soon. Tennessee sauce, Kansas City sauce, Texas sauce and a hot sauce. Now what I really need is a little of the Tennessee sunshine in my corner of Surrey just to make the whole thing feel authentic.

Heaven on a menu.

Heaven on a menu.

Watch out for more Nashville and Tennessee posts. There will be recipes but in this case Jack does it better than I ever could.


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