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March 1, 2015 / mintcustard

Tongue Twister, a sensory surprise pops up at Westfield London.


I’ll admit it, I’m a science geek. I do love a science experiment. I really love a science experiment on a grand scale. I am utterly enraptured by a huge multi sensory experiment involving food.

Situated in The Atrium of Westfield London, Condiment Junkie set about to create a food sensory experiment like no other. My daughter and I, both lovers of food, were intrigued, and a little apprehensive.


The whole set up was more than a little reminiscent of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. A blend of white coated scientists wearing the obligatory glasses and lots of brightly coloured oversized lollypops.


As soon as we stepped into the Cleanse Room, the science began. Using strips of paper impregnated with propylthiouracil we were sorted into supertasters, medium tasters and non tasters. Interestingly most family groups seemed to contain mostly the same type of taster. The teen and I were both amongst the super tasters. We got stickers!


In the Hear Room we discovered how listening to certain sounds and tunes can alter how something tastes. Restauranteurs need to take note, is cheesy pop so called for a reason?

1425125449329 1425125569716

We are always told that we eat with our eyes, so what happens when all is not as it seems? The See Room set about to deceive us. Flavours and colours were mixed up and tried to confuse. 1425125692466

The herb garden cast under UV light was both beautiful and fascinating.

1425125658303 1425125929043

The most Wonkaesque room was the Smell Room, filled with giant bubblegum pink smell trumpets. We ate one taste and smelt another. Some were wonderful but strawberry and curry isn’t a combination I really want to revisit anytime soon.

1425126033003 1425126355124

One final set of questions asked us to link shapes, feelings and even colours to smells. Completely fascinating.

Tongue Twister was huge fun but it was more than that. It made us both stop to think how our senses can influence perceptions of taste.


If you have time today you really should go, it’s free, fascinating and fun.

This being Westfield London we followed up our visit to Tongue Twister with a food experience of our own. Five Guys and a Matcha tea Snog! More of that later.


I was invited by Westfield London to attend the Tongue Twister event but was not asked to write a positive blog post. All views and opinions are my own.


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