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October 26, 2014 / mintcustard

Crisp sugar biscuits, ideal for use with cookie cutters.

The leg bone is connected to the hip bone....

The leg bone is connected to the hip bone….

My name is Becky, and I have a problem with cookie cutters. I know I have confessed this in the past in my Cheesy Hammy Dodgers post. I have a whole drawer full of the things. In my house there are everyday cookie cutters (shapes, letters, numbers etc) and then there are seasonal ones, (Easter, Xmas and Halloween). This causes me a pre issues. As I have so many of the damn things I sometimes forget about certain cutters until it is too late and then I have to wait a whole year before I can forget to use them again!

This doesn’t happen with my Halloween cutters. I love them so much that I’m itching to use them from the start of October.

Halloween cookie cutters

Halloween cookie cutters

As you can imagine, with this many cookie cuttersI have also been able to perfect a foolproof cookie recipe that cuts cleanly, snaps when bitten into and holds an image stamped into it too.

This recipe comes in a cheese version, as in the Cheesy Hammy Dodgers recipe, a vanilla version as taken from Nanna’s quick stamped shortbreads and now in a chocolate version.

Chocolate sugar biscuits.

100g soft butter

25g caster sugar

25g soft brown sugar

125g plain flour

25g cocoa powder

How to

    • Preheat the oven to 160c
    • Beat together the butter and sugar until well combined.
    • Work in the flour, first with a wooden spoon and then with your hands.
    • Knead together until the dough becomes uniform and pliable.
    • Leave to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.
    • Lightly dust a worksurface with flour. Roll out the dough to the thickness of a pound coin. Using your favourite cookie cutters cut out shapes of your choice. Press in any decoration now.
    • Place on a baking tray and pop into the fridge for 10 minutes to set up a little before baking. This makes the imprint  and edges stay sharp when baked.
    • Bake for 10 to 15 minutes until just beginning to darken slightly.
    • Place on a wire rack to cool.
    • Ice and decorate as you wish. Store in a tin.
  • Scary biscuits!

    Scary biscuits!

    Does anyone else have a cookie cutter drawer? Which recipe do you use for your cut out cookies and biscuits?


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  1. Rachel Radiostar / Oct 31 2014 7:48 am

    I’ve got those very ginger dead men cutters and I’m going to us then today!! With your recipe. But might make them choc/orange flavour! Will blog the results later!!

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