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October 18, 2014 / mintcustard

The Chocolate Show

I am sure you are all aware that I consider chocolate a food group, such is it’s importance to my well being. I was so pleased then, to be invited to the Preview evening of The Chocolate Show at Olympia. After a day at school, a staff meeting and a trip on the train and overground my day was well and truly made when I put on my badge. One day!

Living the dream!

Living the dream!

The Olympia West venue is new to me but spacious and easy to get to. I have to say I was initially drawn to the event, lured by the Chocolate fashion show.


That was brilliant, and to be serenaded by Willy Wonka was the fulfilment of a childhood dream, however the chocolatiers and their passion for their products is what has stayed with me.

My hero!

My hero!

Big producers were in attendance showcasing new products. Lindt I am in love with the Lime Intense bar and will be hot footing it to Tesco get a bar of the Roasted sesame dark chocolate bar too.


Familiar names too, Rococo has me addicted to their Pear william caramels. They are so pretty if I didn’t think I could keep my hands off them I’d have them varnished and made into a necklace!


Chatting to amazing producers and distributors showed me just how much more chocolate there is in the world for me to taste and discover – result. If you haven’t come across Cocoa Runners I suggest you take a look. I was bowled over by the obvious pride and pleasure they take in sharing the chocolate bars they source for across the globe. All this and they will post them to you too. I know I solved a few Xmas present conundrums with the boxes on their website too.

If I had had time I would have loved to return later in the weekend for the demonstrations and cookery shows too.

Thanks for asking me to the preview, I had a fun and very informative time.



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  1. Choclette / Oct 19 2014 5:59 pm

    Oh what a splendid evening, how I wish I was there. Glad you mentioned the Cocoa Runners and approved, having just spent an inordinate amount of time reviewing one of their boxes. Those Rococo chocs look way too good to eat.

    • mintcustard / Oct 19 2014 6:42 pm

      They are really beautiful. The guys from Cocoa Runners were just so infectiously passionate!

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