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October 12, 2014 / mintcustard

Purple carrot cake. Made with purple carrots!

Grated purple carrot.

Grated purple carrot.

How did a purple carrot cake come about? I’m not one for throwing food away. I also have a really soft spot for heritage vegetables. Last week I spotted a tray of purple carrots in Waitrose and bought them. Then, because life got really hectic last week, I totally forgot about them. When I rediscovered them they were a little bendy and not really good for much. Except making a carrot cake. I was certain it would taste good, my main concern was what it would look like. My concern turned to panic when I posted a picture halfway throught the baking process and a friend said she thought it looked like lentil soup!

Hmm, fair point!

Hmm, fair point!

Despite the fact that when I actually grated the carrots, the variety I had bought was one with an orange core the purple colour was dominant. The carrot shards resembled edible Halloween confetti! To emphasise the purple I used a mixture of caster sugar and soft brown sugar, rather than all brown.  I needn’t have worried about the cake at all. The result was moist, delicious and beautifully flecked with purple.

Purple carrot cake

Purple carrot cake

I used and adapted the BBC Good Food recipe which can be found online here.

If you come across a pile of purple carrots, why not use a few to add a little halloween colour to your baking? Make a purple carrot cake.


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  1. Urvashi Roe / Oct 12 2014 5:55 pm

    I love purple carrots. I made mash and foccacia with mine. Amazing how they have retained the purple in your cake

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