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October 10, 2014 / mintcustard

Pork and Co – Canterbury, a must visit for pilgrims and pagans alike.


I am positive that visitors to Britain must think we have a law that states you should be able to buy a woollen jumper or fudge within 50 yards of a historic monument! I really wish that law could be amended to include a branch of Pork and Co.

I love pulled pork, both in restaurants and I make a version at home but when my daughter told me she had had the “best pulled pork ever” at a food fair in Canterbury I knew she was onto something.

Last week, during an emergency dash to a Uni student in Canterbury to renew a passport, I finally got to try this “best pulled pork ever” for myself. And I have to say the daughter was right. When I saw a whole slow roasted pig laying in the window waiting to be turned into lunch I had a feeling this could be good.


Just around the corner from the cathedral, juxtaposed by the aforementioned woollen wear shops, fudge factories and tea shops sits this gem.


For a measly fiver this is what I got. A home made brioche roll, stuffed with freshly pulled pork and topped with a choice of slaws, stuffing or in my case black pudding is finally adorned with a sauce. I chose apple butter and it was tangy enough to cut through the gelatinous stickiness that makes pulled pork so addictive and apply enough to balance the umami of the bun. A strip of crackling snack into that bun somewhere too.


Also on offer were scotch eggs, sausage rolls and big bags of proper pork scratchings.


Not that they really need it but they also do a loyalty card, buy five and get the sixth pulled pork roll free. I think that is right but as you can imaging the card is now in the students purse and not mine so I can’t check!


If you happen to be in Canterbury, hell if you happen to be South of the Thames you should visit Pork and Co. You can also get fudge and a wooly jumper nearby too if you feel the need.



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