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August 9, 2014 / mintcustard

A biscuit bonanza. Getting ready for biscuit week on #GBBO

Next week on The Great British Bake Off is biscuit week.

I do love a biscuit. I’m not a snob. I’m as happy with a pink wafer as I am with a richly chocolate coated, foil wrapped Club. What I really love though is a home made biccie. I have made so many and shered them on Mintcustard that I thought I’d put some of my favourites together in one post.

My Mum was an enthusiastic biscuit baker, so I have to include her ginger nuts!

A tin full of ginger nuts!  Ginger nuts recipe

Another one of her recipes was for Viennese whorls which I pimped just a little!

Piped disk of mixture. Vanilla andchocolate Vienese whorls recipe

This is another family recipe, I’ll get to mine in a moment, My Nanna’s shortbreads. Simple and delicious.

Stamped shortbread biscuits Nanna’s quick stamped shortbread.

One of my favourite biscuits as a child were bourbons. Here I have added my own little twist to the recipe.

 Mocha bourbon biscuits.

One step up from a bourbon is to completely cover it in chocolate, and that is what you can do if you make Tim Tams.

tim tam top Home made Tim Tams.

Is it a cake or is it a biscuit? I don’t care, Jaffa cakes rock. As does making your own.

coated jaffa Home made jaffa cakes.

Don’t forget biscuits can be savoury too. Here are my Cheesy Hammy dodgers.

Cheesy Hammy Dodgers Cheesy hammy dodgers.

There are still many more biscuit recipes on Mintcustard. Search the site to find them of drop me a comment and I’ll write a second post! Happy baking.


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