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July 7, 2014 / mintcustard

One pot tomato rice with meatballs – oh and vegetables too.

One pot tomato rice with sausage meatballs.

One pot tomato rice with sausage meatballs.

As you can imagine I have a kitchen well stocked with emphemera, pots, pans and assorted gizmos. However, occasionally you have to produce a meal with only a pot, a spoon and a sharp knife.

When on holiday in a cottage, at a festival or camping you want to eat well using what you have to hand. Not that I camp anymore.

As a child our holidays were taken on campsites  from Brittany to Cornwall and beyond. For the most part our meals were simple, fresh and local. Mackeral from a day out on a boat, a whole trayof peaches so juicy you were damp from chin to elbow as you ate them, and beef tomatoes so big you had to pick them up with both hands.  My Mum did buy some revolting packs of dehydrated chicken supreme that still makes me shudder to recall. It was the Seventies, she was being modern! Eating cubes of  what appeared to be damp beige cardboard in a floury watery mushroom soup was the culinary low point of our holidays. Especially as this was often accompanied by drizzle and being squashed in the back of a steamed up Cortina.

I don’t camp anymore, I much prefer something ensuite, with hot and cold running flunkeys and a cocktail menu on the side. However sometimes I do need a simple dish and this is it.


450g sausagemeat – or simply skin your favourite sausages.

1 carton passata
500 ml stock (I pour the stock into the passata carton to wash it out and to measure at the same time)
300g Basmati rice
½ an onion chopped
1 clove of garlic crushed
Salt and pepper
A few sage leaves finely shredded.
(You can add other vegetables such as mushrooms, courgettes, peppers or aubergine if you have them in your fridge) I used some asparagus and tenderstem broccoli as I had it.
How to make one pot tomato rice with meatballs…..

  • Pinch off walnut sized pieces of sausage meat and roll them to form balls. Heat a very small amount of oil in a frying pan and cook until outside of the balls are coloured and a little crisp.
Gently colour the meatballs.

Gently colour the meatballs.

  • Place the sausage meat balls to one side. Now add the onion and garlic to the oil left in the frying pan and cook through until translucent.
  •  Pour in the rice.
  • Add the passata and the stock and season well. Scatter over the sage leaves.Give the whole thing a really good stir.
  • Cover with baking parchment and simmer gently for 35 to 45 minutes. Check after 20 minutes, stir and add more stock if you need to.
Use baking parchment to keep the steam and juices in.

Use baking parchment to keep the steam and juices in.

  • Lay the vegetables onto the partly cooked rice, recover with the paper and steam the vegetables over the rice.
  • It goes without saying that wine would also do in place of stock, but equally so would water. Use what you have; it will still fill every one up.
  • The resulting dish should be sticky, tasty and just a little saucy.
Sticky and saucy.

Sticky and saucy.

  • Serve with a big green salad or with some steamed dark green leaves such as chard or cavalo nero.




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  1. The Food Waste Diaries / Jul 7 2014 9:47 pm

    This looks yummy, I haven’t seen the baking parchment trick before, is this what gives the dish the lovely sticky texture?

    • mintcustard / Jul 7 2014 9:48 pm

      It keeps the steam in and stops it from drying out but is better than putting the lid in I find as the heat is gentler.

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