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July 5, 2014 / mintcustard

Shower caps in the kitchen – Bonnet de douche as DelBoy would say.

A shower cap used to cover the proving bread.

A shower cap used to cover the proving bread.

I was up early this morning. The weather is much cooler so I decided toget my bake on and make a loaf of bread for our lunchtime bacon sarnies.

What has this got to do wth shower caps? Has my mixer gone crazy? Do I need protection from flying dough? Is it raining so hard the roof is leaking?

No, none of those. When, on the rare occasion I stay in a hotel room, if there are shower caps around I always take them home. Why?

Do I have a secret fetish for them? Well I might but that would be a wholely different blog post, so let me tell you about baking with them. You could stick them on your head in place of a hair net but I suggest you use them to replace cling film over the bowl as your bread dough rises.

I’m all about reducing waste, the elastication of the shower cap ensures that they will fit most bowls tightly, keeping the warmth and humidity in and draughts out.

They can be rinsed under a tap, dried and then they are ready to use again. Saving money and reducing landfill.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose.

What do you repurpose in the kitchen?


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