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April 12, 2014 / mintcustard

Hot Cross Bun Waffles

Pimping the waffle recipe.

Pimping the waffle recipe.

In the past, weekend mornings were a whirl of sports kits and strong black coffee. Now the teens are either at Uni or firmly rooted in bed until lunchtime we can indulge in a leisurely breakfast, read the papers and listen to a radio station of our choice. What to have for this breakfast then?

When the children were little and we were on holiday we would have to book into particular hotels in the US as they were the establishments that had waffle makers available for guests to use in the mornings. The girls loved making the waffles which were then covered in butter and syrup. The waffles set them up for the day and washed down with juice and a big bowl of fruit they staved off jet lag for a while too. Fortunately reasonably priced waffle makers hadn’t made it across the pond so the most exotic breakfast we used to have in this house was the occasional big American pancake.

Waffle maker, with a UK plug!

Waffle maker, with a UK plug!

Not so now…. I picked up this waffle maker at Christmas for under £20. The teens were happy but strangely I was ecstatic. Perhaps we booked those hotels for me too! Since then every so often I get it out and treat myself. As we are coming up to Easter I thought I’d try to incorporate Hot Cross Bun flavours. I have left out the raisins, mainly because I don’t have any but also a burnt raisin can easily taint a dish and I want to enjoy my breakfast.

Hot Cross Bun Waffles, with an icing cross for good measure.

Hot Cross Bun Waffles, with an icing cross for good measure.

Hot Cross Bun Waffles – makes enough for 2 to feel full, double quantity for a family.


125 g plain flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

10 g caster sugar

pinch salt

230 ml milk

1 large free range egg

15 ml vegetable oil

few grinds of nutmeg

good pinch cinnamon

good pinch of allspice

grated rind of half an orange

Simple glace icing to serve.

How to

  • Place all the dry ingredients into a big bowl, including the spices and orange rind.
  • Beat the egg into the milk, add the oil and then pour the wet ingredients into the dry.
  • Whisk together gently until just combined. Don’t be heavy handed as the waffles then become dense and chewy.
  • Pour into your waffle maker and cook as per the manufacturers instructions.
  • Pop onto a place and pipe a cross on the waffles with simple glace icing, if that is too much pfaff then sprinkle of icing sugar and eat.

Happy Easter!



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