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April 11, 2014 / mintcustard

Oh Fudge! White chocolate and cranberry Rocky Road fudge to be exact.

White chocolate and cranberry rocky road fudge.

White chocolate and cranberry rocky road fudge.

You know when half way through a tried and trusted recipe disaster strikes. Well that happened yesterday to me. I have made a wonderful fudge recipe from Utterly Scrummy food for families a number of times and it vanishes within seconds of cooling. I had some spare white chocolate and a bag of cranberries so decided to use those this time. Then of course I thought why not go the whole hog and Rocky Road it up with some shortbread crumbs and a few marshmallows.

Knowing I was going to use Michelle’s recipe I asked her if it would be OK to blog it and she graciously said I could.

So why was there a problem in my kitchen yesterday?

The recipe works brilliantly, the flavour combinations are tried and tested, I even remembered to line the tin before starting.

Well, half way through boiling the fudge my trusty sugar thermometer gave up the ghost. I am of an age where I need to put on my reading glasses to read a scale. When the red line vanished I assumed it was “my age” and my glasses had steamed up, but no, the liquid in the tube had split into four distinct parts. Consequently I had no idea of the temperature of the fudge. Yes, I know I could drop a piece into cool water and see if it makes a soft ball, but I’m a scientist by training and I love a gadget! I made a stab at it but I think I was a little out as the final result was a somewhat more grainy than I have had in the past.

Disaster is about to strike!

Disaster is about to strike!

It was still devoured though and tastes brilliant so Thank you Michelle at Utterly Scrummy for the inspiration and the recipe.



Fudge ingredients

Fudge ingredients

Please use Michelle’s recipe but I added in white chocolate rather than milk, 75g dried cranberries, two chopped shortbread fingers and a handful of mini marshmallows pressed into the top as the fudge cooled.

The offending thermometer!

The offending thermometer!

Any suggestions for a good, reliable sugar thermometer, because obviously I am now without one.


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