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December 3, 2013 / mintcustard

Christmas tree cupcakes

Christmas tree cakes

Christmas tree cakes

I have said in the past that my elder teen would often come home and say something like, “oh Mum, we have a cake competition in Geography, (!!?!!) and I said I’d bake a volcano cake, showing lava and pyroclastic flow, it’s for tomorrow”. After I”d done a pretty good impression of said volcano the cake was made and was as realistic as a cake volcano could be. As a fellow teacher I’d’d like to have read the lesson plan that went along with that teaching session!

The following year I had a heads up so I suggested she (we) make a  small village using our mini gingerbread house recipe, but then she realised the houses needed a little greenery to balance the environment, so that’s how these cakes came to be. As it was Christmas we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to decorate the cakes to make the whole hamlet as festive as possible.

Using a recipe for a Mr Whippy cupcake created so magnificently by Jules over at Butcher, Baker and one that I have adapted so many different ways, see the Olympic Torch cupcakes too, we set about making these Christmas tree cakes.

This time I decided to dip the cones in chocolate to give the trees more substantial trunks. The buttercream frosting was tinted using green colouring paste and piped with a star tip. Adding some edible icing dots, silver balls and a dusting of glitter finished them off well I believe.  Easy to make, simple to decorate and an alternative to a traditional cake for those not fruit cake inclined.

Going to add these to English Mums Big Christmas bake off too. Find out more about that here.


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