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December 2, 2013 / mintcustard

Home made hot chocolate stirrers


Chocolate stirrers

Chocolate stirrers

A big steaming mug of hot chocolate is the liquid equivalent of a cuddle. Even the most ardent coffee fans occasionally succumb to a mocha. A squirt of cream and a scattering of marshmallows makes the drink into a feast. Add a chocolate stirrer and I’ll love you forever, well at least until the mug is drained. What is a chocolate stirrer? A big chunk of chocolate on a stick ready to be swooped through a hot beverage of your choice.

Now is your chance to share these delicious little treats by making your own. This isn’t really a recipe, simply the passing on of a quick, frugal, festive idea. You could very easily make these to give as gifts or keep a few in the cupboard ready to treat your nearest and dearest after a long Boxing Day walk.

One upside of making your own, apart from cost, is that you are in control of the chocolate quality and also flavours already in the chocolate or ones you might add to it.

69p a bar!

69p a bar!

On recent trip to LIDL. I’m a middle class professional, its in the job description. I spotted these flavoured chocolate bars at 69p each.. That’s when the idea for the stirrers came  to me. On melting the chocolate I discovered that they contained pieces of candied orange peel or crystallised ginger. Just right.

Ingredients. 100g chocolate made 8 stirrers

Foil petit four cases


lolly sticks of some kind

How to

Melting the chocolate

Melting the chocolate

  • Using a bowl over a bowl of barely simmering water, the surface of the water should shiver in anticipation, melt the chocolate.
  • Spoon the chocolate evenly between the foil cases. photo 3 (2)
  • Allow to set for 20 minutes.
  • Push the sticks into the setting chocolate.
  • Make a big mug of hot chocolate, peel off the paper from the stirrer, put some cheesy Christmas tunes on, stir and relax.
  • A cellophane bag, some ribbon and a dainty tag and you have gift too.

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