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September 15, 2013 / mintcustard

Cake and Bake London

Peter Sidwell judges the CCC cakes.

Peter Sidwell judges the CCC cakes.

Today’s post starts with a thank you. Thank you so much to Thoughtful Bread for my tickets to visit the Cake and Bake show yesterday. I had fully intended getting myself organised with tickets but for some reason or another that resolution fell by the wayside and it didn’t happen. Perhaps I didn’t really make the effort as I had a preconception that Cake and Bake was more about sugar craft than baking, and as you can see from Mintcustard I am more about taste than titivation.

How wrong could I have been. That’s not to say that certain areas of the Earls Court exhibition hall didn’t appear to be covered in a fine layer of glitter, and believe me I was strangely drawn to all the sugar craft gadgetry available. However my first love is baking, and this was well served too.

I popped into the Clandestine Cake Club stand, as a founder member of the Epsom slice, I had to. I assume each local group of the clandestine cake club is a slice, maybe they are a wodge or a portion? Does anyone know?  CatchKitey was there, resplendent in a CCC apron ready to convert the uninitiated. A table groaning with cake made me feel as if I’d stumbled a cross a meeting at the event. Now there is an idea Lynn. Let’s take over Earls Court for the worlds biggest cake club meeting.

I treated my starter to a new sourdough basket and a dough scraper, from Bakery Bits. Fanny’s offspring need to rest and prove somewhere more fitting that a wok lined with a really elderly almost threadbare t towel. I was tempted by all the flours on offer too but for once I had my sensible head on and realised in time that my trip home via the district line would be made even harder if I was carting about six 1.5 kilo bags of flour!

During lunch, a peperoncino and tomato topped bruschetta ( a bargain at £3), I watched Rosemary Schrager bake bread with style and aplomb. Every theatre was packed but the use of additional AV around the shows allowed those of us at the back to still capture the details.
Bought some chilli salt, for my addicted husband, and succumbed to a little sugar craft bow making gadget, although if truth be told it is actually for my daughter’s food tech exam.

As a show there was a real buzz in the room. Earls Court is a tired old lady but she had a certain spring in her step yesterday. Almost everyone was with a friend, met a friend or made new ones it seems. So it was for me. Lovely to meet Miss Sue Flay at CCC.  I had the chance to see many talented bakers, well known and otherwise, being genuinely excited about passing on their knowledge and enthusiasm to others.

Sourdough sponged and ready to go at 7am!

Sourdough sponged and ready to go at 7am!

I had a great time, and will certainly go next year. Yes there were lots of cup cake stalls, yes you could buy things you are never likely to use once you get them home, yes I was worn out when i got home but it has made me get up at 7am this morning to bake bread. That after all is what I wanted from the experience and I got it.

Did you visit Cake and Bake, what did you think? More importantly what did you come away with?



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  1. Dimple@shivaaydelights / Sep 15 2013 12:02 pm

    It was wonderful! Had a fantastic time 🙂

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