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July 29, 2013 / mintcustard

Juicy Lucy burgers – using up scraps of cheese

juicy lucy

For all manner of reasons I prefer to make my own burgers. I can choose the size, the fat content, the ethics of the producer and of course the horse to beef ratio. Only joking there but I can make lamb burgers, or turkey burgers if I so wish. Making your own burger allows so much more customisation. I can tailor the patty to the bread I have available.

Lamb sliders.

Lamb sliders.

If I have a few pitta knocking about then kofta it is, if I have a few mini buns in the freezer I’ll make sliders.  Yesterday I had planned to make beef burgers, big chunky burgers in buns with salad and chewy caramelised onions. If I make those i know my teens will call for cheese. Despite my best efforts they crave that plastic ersatz pseudo cheese (can you tell I really approve of their choice?) that comes in it’s own condom.  It lays on top of my carefully crafted burgers melting all over the flat top of the BBQ taunting me. I had to do something.

I had a cunning plan.

The Juicy Lucy burger should solve my problem. Instead of putting the cheese on the burger in this beauty the  cheese goes inside. Only a big cube of real cheese will do. I win! Any cheese will do, strong cheddar, stinky blue, creamy crumbly goat cheese. Whatever your preference. You choose. An ideal way to use up lumps of cheese that will otherwise be snacked on before bedtime.

Juicy Lucy burgers

600g steak mince


fresh black pepper


4 1″ cubes of cheese of your choice



any other seasonings you’d like

  • Divide the mince into four equal portions. season well.
  • Take each portion and divide into two. Flatten into two patties. Place a cube of cheese into the centre of one patty. Top with the other patty and press the edges to seal. The patty will now resemble a meaty flying saucer.
  • repeat with the other 3 portions.
  • Heat a bbq or griddle to a medium heat. The burger needs to cook right to the middle to get the cheese to melt and become really oozy.
  • Season the outside of the burger with salt and pepper before grilling on both sides.
  • Serve in a bun with all your favourite accompaniments.
  • If you want to make smaller burgers or sliders juts use less mince and a smaller cube of cheese.

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