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July 28, 2013 / mintcustard

Lavender and cakes.

CCC bunting

CCC bunting

I’m just back from a visit to two of my most favourite places. Clandestine Cake Club and the Mayfield Lavender Fields. Lavender has been grown in the area where I live for many many years. I don’t live in Provence either sadly. As CCC is a movable feast we have met in cook shops, sweet shops, tea rooms and even front rooms but today was our first outdoor event. Cake club certainly is a moveable feast.  In true British fashion the weather threatened. You can see from the picture of the bunting that it was blowy and there was a huge downpour just before we got going but the sun seemed to shine on the righteous and the weather brightened up from then on.

Mayfield lavender

The perfume of lavender wasn’t only in the air but also ran through many of the cakes brought to share. Andrew kept up his tradition of only sharing cakes containing alcohol, with his lavender and vodka cake. We had chocolate and lavender cake, lavender ombre cake, poppy seed and lemon cake, lime and lavender cake, a lavender butterfly cake and a beautiful strawberry cake with wonderful Swiss meringue. Being outdoors was wonderful.

The fields were full of visitors wandering and many came to see what we were up to. It gave us all a chance to chat about the cakes to casual passers by.  A few more members may have been recruited to the CCC ranks along the way too.

cake lav 1cake lav 2





cake lav 3


Not only was it a wonderful afternoon but as lavender is so good at relaxing the body and revitalising the soul I may also get a decent nights sleep in the bargain tonight.


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