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July 25, 2013 / mintcustard

De-constructed gazpacho, or the day I couldn’t be bothered with washing the blender!

I do love a soup. I’m not particularly fussy either. Everything from bowls of Knorr chicken noodle as a student which warmed me up and put off the need to heat the hovel to dark chestnut home made oxtail soup made in my Nan’s pressure cooker will bring a smile to my face. Don’t tell my fellow foodies but I’ve also partaken of the occasional “hug in a mug” when the opportunity presented itself. Cold soups too hit the spot, on a blazing hot day, when it’s too muggy to even find the energy to chew your food, chilled soup raises the blood sugar levels enough to pour the next glass of wine.

So what happened here then. I had all the ingredients for gazpacho except I couldn’t summon the energy to either wash up the blender or get down on my hands and knees to retrieve the stick blender from the back of the bottom cupboard. Well, it was incredibly hot, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I reasoned that if all i left out ws the whizzing up element of the dish. I still had gazpacho just in a slightly de-constructed state. Works for me, see if it works for you too. I had been sent some marinades and dressings by Sainsbury’s to try and as conservation of energy is high on my agenda on tropical days I have used one here in place of oil and vinegar, and an excellent substitution it makes. If you don’t have the dressing I have given quantities for oil and vinegar too.


De constructed gazpacho (makes enough for 1)

4 room temperature tomatoes, seeded and chopped.

ciabatta roll

1 clove garlic peeled

1/4 green pepper chopped

3 thin slices of red onion chopped

2″ cucumber peeled, seeded and chopped

salt, pepper

2 tbsp Sainsbury’s oak aged balsamic salad dressing (combine 4 tsp sherry vinegar, 2tsp olive oil and whisk together)

a dust of paprika

  • Chop all your ingredients and place into a bowl. Season with salt and fresh black pepper.
  • Halve the roll and place both pieces into bottom of a large soup bowl. Rub the cut surfaces of the bread generously with the garlic clove.
  • Drizzle the bread with I tbsp of the dressing.
  • Toss the remaining dressing through the vegetables. Tumble the chopped vegetables over the bread.
  • Dust with a little smoked paprika and serve.

If you want you can toast the bread on the BBQ and serve as a snack on small slices of bread, although then I think I’d have to call this gazpacho bruchetta.

Don’t care what you call it, just eat it! Prefect lunch for a hot and sultry day.

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