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July 23, 2013 / mintcustard

Coconut Ice Lollies

one lolly

Due to part time working and the fact that my children have both broken up from school I feel like I’m on holiday too.  This hiatus has caused a really sense of a phoney holiday.The reality is that I have to go into school for a half day on Wednesday and then freedom well and truly beckons for several weeks.

 I have vowed to spend more time on Mintcustard, writing, sharing and generally communicating  with the blogosphere. Since I have a few days of freedom prior to breaking up I thought I’d start in earnest. Then the weather got in the way. Too hot to bake, too humid to photograph salads without the camera lens misting up and far, far too lazy to make anything too energetic for the BBQ I was a bit stumped.

If only I could live in the freezer with the lollies.

As I’m easily distracted I began to contemplate lollies I have loved. Fabs, cider lollies from the ice cream van and who could forget the lollygobblechocbomb! Much as I loved the home made lollies crafted so lovingly by my Mum from weak  Sainsbury’s orange squash, it was time to up the ante a little on the lolly front at Mintcustard Mansions.

First I had to find the lolly moulds. I have some great Calippo  type silicone moulds from Jamie at Home but I really wanted to go Old Skool and  make a lolly on a stick. The local Co-op came to the rescue with a set of four lolly moulds just the right size and shape for £2.

The grown up me wanted a sophisticated taste, my inner 10 year old demanded chocolate. I loved Bounty bars at that age, not the milk chocolate ones, but the rarer and altogether more grown up dark chocolate Bounties  in the red wrapper. Thats it! To satisfy my cravings and silence my inner child I decided to make a coconut ice lolly. Here’s how I did it.

Dark chocolate covered coconut ice lollies

three lollies


1 250g carton of coconut cream (I used Blue Dragon)

half of a  397g can of condensed milk

1 heaped tablespoon desiccated coconut

100g dark chocolate (I used Co op Fairtrade)

  • Place the coconut cream, condensed milk and coconut into a jug and combine well.
  • Pour into the lolly moulds leaving space for expansion (remember your O Level science!) when frozen and the lolly stick.
  • Freeze for at least four hours or overnight if possible.
  • Melt the dark chocolate over a pan of simmering water. I dipped, drizzled and half dipped my lollies so how you decorate them is up to you. A sprinkle of coconut on the chocolate guilds the lily nicely too.
  • Enjoy.

As the theme for this months We Should Cocoa is ice cream I’m joining in with these beauties. As ever this is being run by Chocolate teapot and Chocolate Log and this month Chocolate Log Blog is hosting too.



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  1. tinkerbelle86 / Jul 23 2013 1:47 pm

    such a good idea, complete twist on a boring old lolly!

    • mintcustard / Jul 23 2013 2:40 pm

      Thank you, glad you like them. Anything for an easy and tasty life!

  2. Choclette / Jul 25 2013 2:52 pm

    Oh yes please. Love these. I still do like the dark chocolate bounties, but they are so hard to find. Think this definitely counts for We Should Cocoa. Lucky you to be having a few weeks off. Today must be the big day – have a great time.

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