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May 20, 2012 / mintcustard

Brighton early

A bracing march along the seafront will cure many ills. Filling your lungs with ozone rich air nearly always makes the world seem a less daunting place. Granted, Brighton seafront tempers that  ozone with undertones of chips, doughnuts and this morning the output of 2100 Mini exhausts.

The annual London to Brighton Mini run is a fixture in the family calendar. Each year the most mechanically sound of our Mini’s is rudely awoken early on a Sunday morning and is forced to drive all the way down the A23 to Madeira Drive. I love our Mini’s, not built for comfort nor for speed they shake every joint on your body once they get to 70 mph and we love every minute of it. Real driving, none of this traction control or ABS malarkey. You just point it where you want to go and hope to goodness nothing falls off before you get there.

Once in Brighton I pootle up and down the seafront and explore the shops. Cool vintage clothes shops selling Hawaiian shirts that when worn by my husband will ensure the teens stay well away from us on evenings out. Brilliant niche bookshops, enough coffee shops to keep me awake forever and one shop selling “vegetarian shoes”. Brighton loves it’s chocolate too, Choccywoccydoodah had beautiful butterflies in the window, Montezuma was sharing out chilli chocolate but in Hotel Chocolat we were offered these to try. Mojito cocktails, small chilled truffles packed with flavour and zing.  They were just wonderful BUT we didn’t buy them. We got these beauties instead, margarita cocktail truffles. If your idea of a chocolate liqueur is a really ropey bottle shaped cheap chocolate filled with sweet sherry then think again. The tastes changed slowly as we let the truffle warm up in our mouths. If I were Mr Ambassador this is what you’d get at the end of my parties.

Chocs to Chill - Margarita Cocktails


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