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May 6, 2012 / mintcustard

A baking bonanza!

What a wonderful week! I have baked everyday this week except Thursday and I have loved every moment of it. Now even my family can’t manage a cake a day, mind you, come to think of it I haven’t actually tried. I really don’t want to set a precedence.

Monday I made a batch of cupcakes to top up the cake tin.

Tuesday I baked a tray of brownies to sustain my daughter and her friends in their A level revision at a local library. Apparently I am assured that you can eat in the library, but if anyone does in the future find crumbs in their A level texts I fear I may know the culprits.

Wednesday  I went to my cycling course as I’m training to be a cycle instructor for school The trouble is someone made the venue the base camp of Everest. Well, it feels like that. It is being held in Carshalton Beeches, which as anyone will know is very, very hilly! Once home and in possession of a large cup of tea,  I dug out a very old recipe and baked a chocolate mayonnaise cake for the inaugural meeting of the Epsom Clandestine Cake club. Lovely cake, lovely venue and even lovelier people. More about that though on Thursday! Second batch of brownies as younger teen didn’t get a look in with the first batch!

Thursday Passed my cycling course and very lead legged but up at 6am to ice the cake for tonight’s CCC meeting. A quick drive through the downpours to Epsom. Several slices of Lemon madeira cake, tipsy Victoria sponge cake, lemon meringue cake and both chocolate mayonnaise cakes later and we have had a blast. The cakes were magnificent. The company was fabulous.  We laughed, sniggered and tittered our way through numerous pots of tea, coffee and delicious home made lemonade. Plans were made for upcoming events and we went home with more cake.

Friday My teen has been on and on at me to make a  sausisson brioche a la Hairy Bikers. Now I make bread all the time and am passionate about cooking with yeast but I’ve never made a brioche. I also don’t have the truffled sausage featured in the show sadly so I had to make do with good local bangers from the butchers. Making the brioche was fun Proper adult playdough type fun. I guess you could make this in a K-mix or Kitchen aid but as I don’t have one I have to use my hands. Bringing the dough together and adding the butter a knob at a time was huge fun.

The dough was a great success, the sausage less so. the whole filled brioche wasn’t cooked right to the middle.

Next time I may either precook the sausages or as my daughter suggested make little sausage brioche buns. I think she meant free formed cricket ball sized but I think I may now have an excuse to buy these!  Does anyone have or use mini brioche tins?

Saturday A day off, but to be fair we do have a great deal of cake and bread to munch our way through at the moment!

Sunday The baking urge is rising within me. So any suggestions?



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  1. Beth Davies / May 12 2012 9:12 am

    Wow, Becky!!! What a week. You are truly a goddess!! Please don’t let my children see this site….they will wonder what the hell i’ve been doing with my life! I think even I am tempted to bak a cake today!

  2. Beth Davies / May 12 2012 9:13 am

    *bake* even!!

  3. mintcustard / May 12 2012 1:07 pm

    Thanks Beth, glad you are tempted to bake. Don’t worry this was a slightly abnormal week for me too, I do usually bake twice a week at least but this was a busy one.

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