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April 4, 2012 / mintcustard

Easter Bunnies

I don’t normally have the time to do decorative or embellished creations. My whole persona really shies away from over gilding the lily. Personally the most I manage on a good day is a bit of lippy, a squirt of perfume and a necklace, (in addition to getting dressed that is!) There must be a Puritan in my past somewhere with really strong genes. The same goes for food, tasty but not tarty is my motto.

The trouble is the Puritan genes have not passed down to the teens. One in particular likes her food, and more especially her cakes, Versace’d to the point of collapse. She persuaded me to purchase a large of coloured modelling icing. A number of miniature figures have been created ready to adorn Birthday cakes but there was still a huge amount of coloured icing left over. This is where the Puritan genes kicked in again. As I was clearing out the baking cupboard, and please tell me you all have one too, I realised I ought to use the stuff up before it set like concrete.

So this is how I came to make the bunnies. I had been toying with making a hot cross bun loaf for the Easter Tea Time Treats round up. I had a change of heart and decided to do a secular version of the Simnel cake. I’ll use the bunnies instead of the marzipan balls. If you fancy making some to do the same or just to use as cupcake toppers then this is how you do it.

Making a bunny!

You need several different shades of modelling icing. You can choose how vibrant your bunnies are, it is entirely up to you.

   Take a walnut sized piece of icing. This will make the basic bunny head and ears

Now flatten the icing until you have an oval shape.
Make a cut in one end of the oval, this will help you create the ears.
Pinch below the ears to form the face, and just round the ears a little with your fingers.
Take a contrasting colour of icing and roll one small ball for the nose and two tiny sausage shapes to be used inside the ears. You will also need two small balls of the base colour for eyes.
Press these gently into place. You may need a little water if the icing has hardened in a warm kitchen.
Using a dark food colouring and a toothpick add a small dot in the centre of each eye and some whiskers.
Leave to dry a little before adding to cakes, down burrows or in warrens.


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  1. whatkatebaked / Apr 4 2012 8:59 pm

    These are brilliant- what a great topping for a scrumptious simnel cake! Thank you of thinking of TTT!


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