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December 2, 2011 / mintcustard

Slow roasted heaven


As those who know me can vouch, I am built for comfort and not for speed. So doing things slowly comes easily to me. I have recently taken to slowly roasting those slightly old fashioned cuts of meat such as pork belly, brisket and lamb shoulder for the whole of  a Sunday afternoon and I am finding not only is the food bill cheaper for the Sunday dinner, as these cuts are less expensive but the house smells magnificent so my Yankee Candle bill is lower too. That said, the smells of roasting meat do get the juices flowing and the teens are spending the afternoon grazing a little more than usual.

Last weeks slow roast was brisket. I had a 1.6 kg piece that I unrolled. I sliced two large onions into rings and laid these in the bottom of the roasting dish. I seasoned the brisket on both sides with plenty of salt and black pepper and then blasted it in the oven at 225C for 25 mins to render the fat cap down a little and to give the joint some colour. I then removed the joint from the oven, turned the oven down to 150c, poured about a pint of beef stock around the beef . I then covered the roasting dish tightly with foil and put the whole lot back in the oven. For posher occasions I have used a can of beef consomme as the base for the stock. Every hour or so I removed the foil, basted the joint ands topped up the stock level with water, but you could use red wine or more stock.

This photo is of the first attempt at slow roasting beef earlier in the year. This most recent attempt was cooked longer and slower and as a result you really could cut the meat with a spoon! I also learned my lesson and spent a little more on the brisket so even though it was a cheap cut it was better quality. The test in this house is if I have to eat the leftovers on my own for more than 1 day the recipe probably didn’t work. There was nothing left by the time we went to bed on Sunday evening. Yep, the four of us has demolished 1.6 kg of beef in one sitting!

This week I am slowly roasting lamb shoulder. If you have any recipe suggestions or advice let me know please, otherwise I think it may be garlic, lemon and sumac marinade with roasted purple garlic on the side.



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  1. Karen / Feb 5 2012 11:15 am

    That looks absolutely DIVINE and I would love a plate of that for Sunday Lunch! Thanks for joining in with Slow Sunday! Karen


  1. Butterscotch walnut brownies. | mintcustard

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