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November 11, 2011 / mintcustard

Christmas came early to our house.

A little while ago a package arrived at Mintcustard mansions. As we’d only just returned from a few snatched days in the sunshine it felt odd to be gazing on a box of Christmas chocolate goodies courtesy of Hotel Chocolat. The suitcase full of brightly coloured American candy lovingly chosen during our break was immediately put to one side as the teens “helped” me to review The Christmas Goody Bag I’d recieved.

Christmas Goody Bag

Costing £17 the initial thought was  the bag was a little light on content, however we were forgetting just how you savour decent chocolate and don’t need huge quantities of enjoy the experience.

The Billionaires shortbread chocolates are just right with a coffee after a festive meal. As connoisseurs  of Hotel Chocolat caramel tiddly pots the bow on the festive slab was fought over, such is it’s value in this house. There was less of a fight for the pocket reindeer but I am sure that younger children would be more than happy to find one in their Christmas stocking.  The only dilemma then would be do you eat it from the head down or the feet up!

The bag arrived two weeks ago but I still have some of the mini festive wreath left. I am making it last and am hoping that by leaving it visible other members of my family might take the hint and get me another one for the holidays. The fact it is thick, chunky and loaded with nuts, cookie pieces and cranberries means a small piece is enough. There is plenty to share with others but quite frankly I’d be inclined to keep it all for yourself, after all you’re worth it! I am a fan of Christmas spice flavours so I’m tempted to look at the website to find some chocolates that feature these flavours too.

The Mini Christmas Wreath

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