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October 6, 2011 / mintcustard

Johnny – the sourdough loaf

Nothing compares to the smell of a baking loaf, well maybe several rashers of bacon frying gently comes a close second. For me as a complete carbaholic baking bread is as good as it gets. As soon as it comes out of the oven I am willing it to cool just enough for me to eat the first slice. With sourdough I am even more impatient as it will probably have taken a day or so to get to the baked loaf stage. Overnight to make the sponge, the best part of a day for the dough to double in size and an evening to prove after being knocked back. Then 45 minutes to cook. I usually manage about 5 minutes before giving up and resigning myself to possibly burning my tongue and the roof of my mouth and certainly indigestion as I consume the hot and steamy tranche.

The recipe I use is an adaptation of the River Cottage sourdough one. It works very well, this time I got really big bubbles in the dough but sadly as I don’t yet own a  proving basket the dough collapsed a little as I peeled it from the poorly floured tea towel and bowl Heath Robinsonesque contraption I had rigged up.

Never mind it tastes fantastic.

Now, just need to decide how to have this for my lunch today. Any suggestions?


In case you are wondering why this is called Johnny, my sourdough starter is called Fanny. Named after Fanny Craddock, acidic, temperamental but fantastic to cook with. Johnny was her better half!


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