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September 26, 2011 / mintcustard

Kitchen Ephemera part 1

(or justifying buying stuff as I can now say I’ll blog about it).

I am very lucky, I have a pretty large kitchen and a utility room. This is not bragging, oh no, this is a plea for sympathy. I have plenty of cupboards but they are filled with stuff and things. What is the point of them lurking behind closed doors.  They need to venture out and be seen in all their glory. I’m starting today with silicone cake cases. I have round ones in red. Heart shaped ones in pastel shades and a very large blue cake ring. Yesterday I added to this collection with these beauties.

There are six of these fantastic cases in the pack. Utterly ridiculous but amusing none the less. For a first try today I managed to create some reasonable cookie cakes. I need a slightly denser cake and thicker butter cream. I’m sure they’d make great ice cream moulds too. I might well try a cookies and cream ice cream that actually looks like a giant Oreo cookie. A dark chocolate sorbet with a dense vanilla in the middle, what do you think? If I make cakes again I’d pipe the middle too I think.

Yes, I know they are kitsch, obscene and incredibly tasteless but they are huge fun. They only cost £2.99  as well. Billy bargain! I’m back to the shop for the silicone tea cup and saucers. It’s my birthday soon though and what I really want are these!

What surprises lurk in your cupboards. Please share, you are bound to have more taste than me!


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