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September 26, 2011 / mintcustard

I love a good BBQ.

I do love a good barbecue. Sometimes it is the copious amounts of wine and beer that usually accompany a BBQ that really gets my attention rather than a cremated sausage and a bacillus incubating chicken leg, however not this weekend. With the promise of a St Martin’s summer I hoiked out the leg of lamb bought for a roast dinner and set about it with a sharp but flexible knife.

I’m getting better at this now and the lamb and my fingers remained in one piece. Anointed with oil, lemon, garlic and black pepper I set it aside to infuse and generally make the kitchen smell fantastic.

The charring smell of lamb always makes me think kebab, so flat breads had to feature somewhere and a chilli sauce although mine comes with a twist. The barbie heats up well and I’m lucky to have both a grill and a cast iron flat top for cooking. The lamb cooked over a medium heat for 35 minutes and then rested for 10 minutes. The sweetcorn, soaked and in their husks, cooked for 20 minutes turning every five minutes or so. They steam perfectly in their own juices but still have a hint of char about them. The flatbreads cooked in 3 minutes, on the searingly hot flat top. Puffing up and colouring nicely.

As the breads cooked and the lamb rested, the kernels were stripped from the corn, stirred together with butter, salt, pepper and a freshly chopped chilli. It was finished with a squeeze of lime. People ate as they wished, making their own shawarma or eating it all like a Sunday roast with a knife and fork. I make pizza on the BBQ too, I’ll show you some time.

What else do you cook on the BBQ? I’d love to know.



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