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September 17, 2011 / mintcustard

Tasty jerk

What a day. So much to do and so little time.

Actually that’s a lie. I had one of those very rare days when I had time to myself. Granted I had already packed one teen off to Guide camp and the other two family members had been give a packed lunch and they had taken themselves off to Lord’s to watch Surrey hopefully win the CB40 championship. But by 10.30 I had just myself to please. So what to do? I read the papers, spent an extra ten minutes in the shower and got ready to go to watch the football. Crystal Palace entertaining Middlesborough, kick off 3 pm. I love most live sport, cricket, athletics, baseball, football you name it but Palace has something most football grounds don’t have. Decent food. Not actually in the stadium. The food may well  be magnificent there, I have never tried it. The food is so expensive I feel I could well have bought the entire midfield for the price of a steak and kidney pie. Oh no, outside the ground, away from the all pervading smell of burgers and bovril is a magnificent establishment. Tasty jerk. A small innocuous breeze block building with a chimney almost as tall as the Crystal Palace antenna itself. Hidden inside are three or four oil drum barbeques cooking up the best jerk around.

I could have had chicken, I could have had goat but I’d set my heart on the jerk pork even before I’d reversed the car out of the garage half an hour earlier. I was not disappointed. The meat fell off the bone, the crackling was bubbly and puckered and my lips were anaesthetised by the time it got to kick off.

Should you ever pass by Selhurst Park stop for a while. The football is good but the jerk pork is magnificent!

(sorry about this photo, but the phone steamed up in the shop!)

P.S. Palace lost 1 – 0 but Surrey won the CB 40 final at Lords, and I got jerk pork. Not a bad day all told.


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